WhatsApp debuts passkey logins on Android

WhatsApp just made logging in a much simpler and faster process, at least on Android devices. The Meta-owned chat application has launched passkey support for Android, which means users no longer have to use OTPs from two-factor authentication to be able to log into their account. Passkeys are a relatively new login technology designed to be resistant to phishing attacks, password leaks and other security vulnerabilities plaguing its older peers.

They’re made up of cryptographic pairs consisting of one public key and one private key that lives on the user’s device. Services that support passkeys don’t have access to that private key, and it also can’t be written down or given away. Without that private key, nobody else can log into somebody’s account. Now that WhatsApp has launched passkey support, users can log in using their device’s authentication procedure, so they can simply verify their identities with their face, fingerprint or their PINs.

While a lot of applications still don’t have passkey support, the list continues to grow. PayPal launched passkey logins for Android back in March, while TikTok rolled out support for the technology in July. More recently, 1Password rolled out passkeys to all its users on desktop and iOS after testing the login solution for three months.

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