Twitter clone Pebble is shutting down just five weeks after a rebrand

The crowded field of Twitter clones has just winnowed a bit, as Pebble has officially exited the game, announced via an email to Engadget. The social media site, was actually created by ex-Twitter employees and this announcement occurs just five weeks

The company is transparent when it comes to the reasoning behind the closure, saying “we were not growing quickly enough for investors to believe that we will break out.” Pebble also noted the crowded field of competitors and the “uphill climb” to garner traffic and sustained use. It simply needed more time to “build out a complete Pebble”, but investors put the kibosh on that idea.

Though the app’s going the way of the dodo, current users will be given some time to login and download their personal archives. Just head to account settings on the web version and look for an option marked “wrap it up please.” Additionally, the company says this might not be the absolute end for Pebble, suggesting that folks “stay tuned” for a potential reinvention of the platform at some point in the future.

Pebble was committed to Twitter’s original mission of becoming a “public town square” and even tried to by allowing them to keep their checkmarks. The app’s shutdown suggests this strategy didn’t work. Good night, sweet prince.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of Twit-alikes out there for those looking to escape endless porn bot scam accounts commenting on every single post you make and blue check bozos bloviating about nonsense. There are the big apps, like Threads and Bluesky, but also Mastodon, Post, Spoutible, Spill, Hive Social, CounterSocial and that Trump one, among others. The last day to post on Pebble is November 1.

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