It’s Okay To Not Be Okay star Oh Jung Se goes to amusement park with a SPECIAL fan & we’re an emotional mess

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is undoubtedly one of the warmest series this year. The tvN drama, starring Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji and Oh Jung Se in the lead, has attempted to shed light on the various types of mental health illnesses while weaving a love story around them. While fans are loving the trio’s chemistry, a particular fan related to Moon Sang Tae’s pain in the initial few episodes and his sister up reaching out to the actor. 

Via Koreaboo, it all began when South Korean cellist Bae Boum Jun, diagnosed with intellectual disability, watched the episode wherein Sang Tae was in the spotlight at Ko Moon Young’s fan event in the first few episodes. The musician felt the character’s pain and expressed his wish to help Sang Tae feel better. As a result, she up contacting the actor and Jung Se obliged to meet the fan. 

“When my saw the scene in which Sang Tae cries and screams at Ko Moon Young’s fan meeting event, he related deeply with Sang Tae and said that he needs to protect Sang Tae and make Sang Tae feel better. Since then, my brother has been begging me to take him to see Sang Tae. He would list all the things he wants to do with Sang Tae — like going to Lotte World, riding a camping car, and more. I eventually gave in and tried reaching out to the actor Oh Jung Se. To my surprise, Oh Jung Se replied and said he would meet my brother!” Boum Jun’s sister wrote on Instagram. 

If that wasn’t a gesture sweet enough, Jung Se met him dressed as Sang Tae and the day at Seoul’s popular amusement park Lotte World. They cellist shared a photo of his day out with the actor. “The whole time Oh Jung Se was with my brother, I was touched. Oh Jung Se was Moon Sang Tae the whole time he was with my brother. He paid attention to the smallest detail and focused on my ’s needs. He talked and walked like Moon Sang Tae to make sure my brother would believe it. And it seemed like he looked into my brother before coming to see him — although I can only imagine how he busy he must be these days. He was so considerate and it made me speechless,” she added. 

“As soon as my met Sang Tae, the two of them went on all the amusement rides. Every moment, he was a friend to my brother. He kept talking and listening to my brother,” she added. Apart from spending time with him, Jung Se also gifted him the huge green dinosaur seen on the show. “We’ll meet again! The dinosaur’s name? It’s Good Dino. Good Dino. Good Dino! #MoonSangTae #Gift #BaeBoumJun #OhJungSe #Love #Dinosaur #Doll #GoodDino #LetsMeetAgain,” Boum Jun shared on Instagram. 

Check out both the posts below: 

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