Netflix Edition scares its way to a Halloween release date

We knew Netflix Dead Cells for its ever-growing games library, and now we know when it’ll release. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition will be available on October 31. That’s Halloween, to those who don’t mess with the dark pagan arts. This is the full game, along with every paid DLC release,

A standard Netflix subscription gives you access to the game on both iOS and Android devices, so you can finally see what all the Dead Cells fuss is about without spending any extra cash. As for that Halloween release date, this launch is part of the streamer’s “Netflix and Thrills” promotional event. Dead Cells isn’t a scary game, but it is steeped in a certain kind of classic gothic horror, like its forebear Castlevania.

Here’s a quick run down. You play as a headless blob/human hybrid, attempting to escape an island prison. It’s a sidescrolling action platformer. Every time you die, you start over and the world’s layout changes, which makes it a roguelike. However, you do get permanent upgrades that carry over from run to run and power ups that let you access new areas, which is where the Metroidvania part comes in. It’s extremely addictive, like calling in sick to work addictive.

In other words, there’s a reason Dead Cells has sold more than 10 million copies across numerous platforms and has even If you’ve been on the fence for the, uh, past five years and have a Netflix account, this is a no brainer.

The streamer’s “Netflix and Thrills” event also sees the release of a brand-new sequel to the indie hit Slayaway Camp, which drops today. As for TV and movies, the company’s traditional bread and butter, “Netflix and Thrills” features the release of Mike Flanagan’s The Fall of the House of Usher, UFO docuseries Encounters and the survival thriller Nowhere, among many others.

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