Yumi’s Cells 2: Lusting For Gong Yoo, Love for Indian Curry – 5 Unforgettable Moments from Second Season Of Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung’s Kdrama Series So Far

Yumi's Cells 2: Lusting For Gong Yoo, Love for Indian Curry - 5 Unforgettable Moments from Second Season Of Kim Go-eun and Jinyoung's Kdrama Series So Far

Yumi’s Cells 2 has become our ultimate stress-buster. The way this season is rolling out, we just can’t get enough. It’s good to see Yumi played by Kim Go-eun taking cautious steps towards her relationship with Ba Bi (GOT 7’s Jinyoung). Last season left us quite heartbroken. Their romantic scenes are just wow! But that’s not all that the series is giving us. The writers of the show are making just right insertions in the narrative to reach out to a lot of fans. The sequel is now four episodes old and several moments have happened to race our hearts. Let us tell you about five of our favourites: Yumi’s Cells 2: Passionate Kissing Scene, Jinyoung’s Hot Bod- Here’s Why Today’s Episode Of Kim Go-Eun Series Will Be Steamy!.

1. Lusting over Gong Yoo

It just makes absolute sense to have a Gong Yoo reference in Yumi’s Cells. Kim Go-eun and Yoo’s chemistry in Goblin was both whacky and witty. But we didn’t expect her cells to lust for him *wink*. Jin Eun-tak is getting damn naughty! (P.S. Eun-tak is Go-eun’s character in Goblin)

2. Minho Club

Shinee’s Minho was part of the first season of Yumi’s Cells. As per the webtoon the series is based on, Minho’s Woogi is gay and Yumi has a huge crush on him. While season didn’t go ballistic about this detail, they kept the character gay. But in the second season, Yumi’s mind has him as a member of Shinee’s team rather than as Woogi. That should have been explained but we just loved the shout-out here.

3. Indian curry – a saviour at an awkward moment

Yumi’s plan to casually bump into Ba Bi at the park after rejecting his proposal goes for a toss when he doesn’t show. Dejected when she reached the grocery to stock up on week’s supplies, she meets him. She was hold a packet of Indian vegetable curry and Ba Bi enquires about. Our desi hearts felt so proud. The conversation salvaged an awkward situation for Yumi… Indian curry to the rescue! Our Beloved Summer, Welcome To Waikiki, Kondae Intern – K-drama Series That Showed Their Love For Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots and How They Pulled It Off!

4. Woong returns

We knew Woong would return as closure is between him and Yumi after the last season. But it seems this is moving towards a love triangle.

5. The kiss

Kdrama kisses are always special. They just take you along for a joyride too and you feel all the feelings. Jinyoung and Go-eun’s this kiss is simply breathtakingly hot!

We are looking forward to more such memorable from this season of Yumi’s Cells 2. Watch it on Viki!

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