You Probably Need to Change Your Password

In an article that has Change Your Password as part of the title, it’s fairly clear what I’ll be discussing: that’s right, Change Your Password! It’s a pain, we dislike it, and with all the various forms that you fill out online, sometimes you just can’t remember new passwords every single time! But those are all very very reasons that each person reading these words should have at least some kind of “tickler” that reminds you to change your password a few every year.

1. It’s a pain to change your password. If you don’t change your password frequently, the “bad guys” find it. And can I tell you something straight up, when they get some very personal information from you, they won’t think it’s a pain. At all. So change your password before the bad guys get a chance to hack into your system. (And don’t think they are not trying even as you read this. They are).

2. We dislike changing our passwords Of course we do. That goes right along with it being a pain.We dislike having someone we don’t know remind us that it’s time to “change your password.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say. Sometimes for your own security you need to-repeat after me-change your password.

3. Different forms, different passwords. You can argue all day about the need to keep different passwords to access different online accounts. These accounts range from library to banking accounts to amazon to paypal to ebay. Informational to Financial to pretty much everything in between, people want some information from you. Some may require a short password plus your email account. Others, such as a bank, should require more stronger account and password information. Fortunately, not all passwords or accounts are created equally.

However, there are some really inexpensive (and free) programs on the market that help you organize your growing list of passwords so that black hat types can’t find you before it’s time yet again to change your password.

In my next post, I discuss tools you can use to help you organize your passwords so that when you do change your password, it will all be recorded.

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