Xiaomi’s latest invention is a curious cardboard scratcher for your cat


We repeat ourselves, but it is a fact. There is practically no week in which Xiaomi does not surprise us with any curious article or device. Last week, the Chinese company gave for sale two objects to improve comfort, a cushion that corrects our posture (and that comes in handy if we spend many hours sitting) and a smart mattress that connects to your own app and that promises to improve our rest.

Now, however, Xiaomi looks back at our four-legged friends, specifically cats . The Chinese company aims to make cats the kings of the house and in recent months they have presented devices as curious and useful as the smart litter box for cats to relieve themselves there and for us to a notice with the stools. Now is the time to discover an essential item for any cat lover: a cardboard scratcher-house .

It has much less technology and no, it does not connect to any application, but really a cat does not need much more, and by all it is known that an Amazon cardboard box is better than the most expensive toy that we find , since it will go from what second and he will have a pipe with the first.

Xiaomi’s new invention for cats , as we read in Xiaomi4Mi, has a diameter of 62 centimeters, as well as a circumference of 25.4 centimeters in height and 18 centimeters in height in its interior area. 

It has a design entirely in cardboard in which there is an interior passage that the cat can use as a comfort zone, as a play area and, of course, as a scraper so that the sofas are not torn.

In to the interior area, it has a rougher surface at the top so that cats can sharpen their nails and get rid of those ‘dead’ nails that change every so often and that we can find at home.

At the moment, this new Xiaomi ‘toy’ for cats is for sale on the Youpin , the store of the Chinese company where they sell both their own and those of other companies that Xiaomi hosts under its umbrella. The price is about 23 euros to change … and many of us already count the hours for someone to start selling it on Aliexpress.

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