Xiaomi has a cushion that corrects your posture while working from home


Not a day goes by without Xiaomi or launching a new device. Xiaomi, one of the brands that it welcomes under its generous umbrella or Youpin, its store in China, go. Yesterday we had a global presentation in which the company presented to the west three new mobiles – the Redmi 9 of which we you all the details -, the Mi Band 5 , the Mi TV Stick , two new electric scooters , a gaming monitor and some true wireless headphones .

However, that was the presentation for the West, since in China they are launching devices with a more constant drip. In fact, yesterday we also told you that the Chinese company had a smart mattress in its Youpin store and, now, without all that technology to make it smart, it welcomes a cushion.

The secret of the Xiaomi cushion is that it promises to correct our posture when sitting down . It is a cushion that is made of a high resistance sponge that, in addition to supporting daily jogging, is breathable and reduces pressure when sitting. 

As we read in Xiaomi4Mi , when sitting down, the pressure is redistributed and the cushion deforms so that our posture is correct . This curious shape responds to a design that allows the thighs to rest correctly when sitting down, the hip to rest, straighten the spine and improve the position of the shoulders.

It is a cushion suitable for all those who spend a lot of time a day sitting either at home, in the office or in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

The cushion has dimensions of 440 mm in front, 420 mm in depth and 105 mm in height, so that you can do the math to see if you can place it where you want, and you can buy it through Aliexpress through this link by about 42 euros .

In Youpin it is somewhat cheaper, at about 30 euros , but well, it is the extra cost of knowing that they will not sell it in our territory and that, if we want it, we have to find other ways …

By the way! Speaking of correcting the posture, a while ago Xiaomi introduced a kind of harness that corrects your posture if you have back problems. It comes to cost the same on Aliexpress, about 45 euros .

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