Xiaomi already thinks of a mobile with space for you to store your wireless headphones


We do not know if Xiaomi is the company that patents the most mobiles , but of course it is the one that we have the most information through the numerous records it makes throughout the year. Many times we have told you about the number of patents that the Chinese company- Some materialize and others do not, but the is that if they patent something it is because the intention to build it is there.

Something that is very fashionable (so much that it has become an accessory that fashion brands use in their models) are true wireless headphones . Practically all companies have their model (Google and OnePlus are the latest to get on the bandwagon with OnePlus Buds that we have already tried and Pixel Buds that we have also told you about ).

Xiaomi has several models of true wireless headphones on the and its new patent is a mobile with integrated headphone case .

The images and the recreation of the patent are the work of Let’s Go Digital , who have already ‘revealed’ several mobiles to us in the past and the truth is that it is something very interesting, but that raises certain questions. The first obviously corresponds to thickness. And it is that, a mobile with integrated ‘box’ of headphones is interesting, but the thickness shoots up .

The second question is how Xiaomi would manage so that the dirt does not pass into the phone through these holes. Something curious is that, as the animation shows, the head of the headphones would have a small hinge that would allow folding that area to align it as much as possible with the body of the smartphone.

The patent does not specify it, but something very interesting is that they could have a charge through the mobile itself , and although that may sound strange to you, taking into account that Xiaomi is very animated with mobile phones with 5,000 mAh battery, in the end it can ‘ sacrificing a bit of that beastly ability to carry helmets when not in use.

In addition, the reconstruction of the patent allows us to see a terminal with very, very thin frames and a front camera that would be under the screen .

The Chinese company is working on this type of camera under the AMOLED panel (as well as other manufacturers such as Samsung, Oppo and Huawei ) and we are waiting to see which is the first to be launched into the pool with this technology that would allow to eliminate both the notch like other solutions (pop-up camera that Xiaomi continues to use in the Poco F2 , or the camera in a hole).

Of course, as we always tell you, a patent does not mean that this product will be launched. It is a way of ‘protecting’ the idea and we may see this mobile with integrated headphones from Xiaomi … or it may not . Original, of course, it is.

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