World Music Day 2022 History, Theme

music day

On 21st June of this year music day will celebrate all over the globe among the public. World music day is also call the Fete de la Musique in French. The importance of music is highlight on this day. On this day at many places live concerts will held. But due to Covid 19 it was not done from last few years. Everyone enjoys and celebrate this day. Nothing can break the favorite song list playing in the background and it makes you to move and dance on it. It has the capacity to make you fell happy, sad, emotional at a movement. It heals the people and feel them good. Each year people on this day love to listen and share it with others.

History of World Music Day

Fete de la Musique was held in Paris at 1982. This day was arrange by two members of the French Minister of Culture Jack Lang, a French politician and Maurice Fleuret, a composer, music journalist ,and arts administrator. Maurice Fleuret was ask by Jack Lang to became director of it and dance at French Minister of Culture. He investigate the French population, discovering one out of every two individuals was curious in learning to play instrument. As a result , he began to mark the Summer Stature as a World Music Day. Maurice Fleuret researched the cultural habits of the French and discovered. That one out of every two young people played a musical instrument. He make people to move them out of there houses and into the streets and be design as World Music Day.

In 1997, the European Party of song charter was signed in Budapest. Which encouraged countries outside of Europe to join in with the annual celebration of World Music Day. This Day is a major cultural event in France. In France, all towns and cities, no matter how big or small, hold free events for everyone to enjoy.

World Music Day 2022 Theme

The theme of the day of 2022 is “Music of Intersections.” Those who love and enjoy the music mark the occasion by listing music and songs. Following the 1982 celebrations, World Music Day is now observe  in a number of countries throughout the world and has become a global phenomenon. Music Day is observe in India, Australia, Italy, United States, Japan, China Malaysia. Amateur musicians and veterans take to the streets to perform and take part in various musical events.


It is important element for many lives. It is make for everyone it is not matter that you are a professional or bathroom singer. This is day is only dedicate to people loved the day. Spending the day by listing all favs feels adventurous and happy. There was a full day to listen the different songs like Hungarian style, then move on to Italian and Mongolian folk songs. It has the power to boost mood or make a plant grow faster.