Windows 10 will change its kernel in real time to protect you against malware


Novelties come to Windows 10 and no, this time we are not here to tell you that something about the system has failed with the last update. Little by little, Windows 10 has become a more stable system and, above all, more secure.

On several occasions we have told you that the best antivirus, in addition to the common sense of the user, is Windows Defender . The program was redesigned from scratch a few years ago to better protect the system, to offer better features in time and, above all, to consume fewer resources by having deep access to the system.

After the vulnerabilities in processors both ARM and, above all, Intel , Microsoft went to work to shield the core of the operating system a little more and, now, Windows 10 will be a little more secure thanks to KDP, or Kernel Data Protection .

As we read in ZDNet , the new security feature of Windows 10 will block the kernel, which is basically the core of the system, so that malware or cybercriminals do not have access to it, preventing them from modifying part of the code.

With Kernel Data Protection, Windows 10 is able to configure key system structures as “read only” instead of the usual “read and write” option. This is a significant change, since, in this way, the malware will not be able to modify the files to scale system structures, being able to access important data sets.

In addition to system protection by modifying kernel permissions, the KDP will have other benefits such as performance improvements by decreasing the burden on certification components, reliability improvements by facilitating the diagnosis of memory errors and can be used in other applications , such as virtualization engines and video game cheating systems that external companies can use.

At the moment, Windows 10 KDP is already included in the latest version of the system for insider users , but those from Redmond have not given details about the arrival of the in the stable version of Windows 10.

Speaking of Windows 10 updates, we remind you that, if you have not been able to update to the latest version of the system, it may be because this is blocking said update .

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