Windows 10 removes Paint and Notepad in its latest update


Windows 10 code is highly intricate. This is because the system is built on tens of thousands of lines of code that go back several generations of the system, and that is why it is so complicated to update it without breaking something. 

This same allows Windows 10 to be compatible with programs and games that were compatible in versions of Windows from more than 15 years ago, but it also complicates things for the support team. And yes, we tell you this because the last update of Windows 10 has “removed” some native apps from the system .

Do not worry, since it is nothing serious (although it is a blow to the heart of many Windows users). The KB4565503 update came a few days ago to fix some major system bugs such as a DNS vulnerability and ditch RemoteFX at least for the time being.

Notepad, WordPad and Paint have been optional applications since the 2004 update. So they will no longer be present on a PC. The problem comes because some users who have updated to version 2004 at the same time. As the last update have found that these apps are missing.

The reason may be the sum of the updates (Windows 10 2004 that considers them non-essential and KB4565503 that has removed them). In addition, there are users who, as we read in Gizmodo , indicate that they cannot download them from the Store.

Some appear in the Store, but the tab says that they already have them installed. That they need a newer version of Windows when it is not true. One method to try to install the apps again is to go to settings, applications, optional functions and find the application you want to reinstall.

And yes, we know that if Paint or Notepad has disappeared. You only want to recover them because they have been with us for decades. Not because they are going to take advantage of them. Mind you, we don’t blame you.

Speaking of Windows updates . If you have not been able to upgrade to Windows 10 2004 yet . Be aware that this is a fairly general error. I myself seem not worthy to install the build on my personal PC (i7 7700K, GTX 1080 and 16GB RAM). If something similar happens to you, you have to keep waiting …

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