Why Jason Momoa Asked ‘See’ Showrunner to Audition for Dave Bautista Buddy Comedy

Why Jason Momoa Asked ‘See’ Showrunner to Audition for Dave Bautista Buddy Comedy

There was nothing funny about watching Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista beat each other to a bloody pulp last season on the Apple TV+ series See, but when cameras weren’t rolling, it was a real hoot.

“It was a lot of laughing,” show runner Jonathan Tropper told The Hollywood Reporter at the season three premiere on Aug. 23. “Watching them after cut and seeing how they behaved, how they sassed each other and made fun of each other. They had a great time together, like two brothers, and that’s where this whole thing was born.”

That “whole thing” is a Lethal Weapon-inspired buddy cop comedy set in Hawaii that reportedly inspired a bidding war before it eventually landed at MGM. But even though they came up with the concept on set, Momoa tells THR that he and Bautista still asked Tropper to pitch his take.

“The truth of it is that we made his ass audition with other writers. We love Jonathan but we thought, well, we can’t just hand it over to him. But he brought an amazing pitch and he won it. He simply won it off this pitch and so we were like, yeah, you got it dude. It wasn’t just being a good friend and wanting to do something together, he actually truly wanted it.”

Tropper confirms that he’s now in “the middle of writing it” and the trio has big plans. “Hopefully we can build a franchise, who knows. Maybe we’ll do multiple movies.”

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