Why it was so difficult for the creators of ‘dark’ firing


Netflix recently released the third and final season of Dark , the German sci-fi thriller series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The success of this series is indisputable, as it has managed to break the heads of its large public and has kept them on edge since 2017 when the first season premiered.

Dark , without a doubt, is one of the best series in recent years . One of those that has managed to close its intricate history at the height promised to its public. With its dozens of characters, but also, over time and later in an alternative world, it made its followers sharpen their eyes, ears and minds.

Its creators told in an interview that dismissing the show was quite difficult, since they had been making it for years. But, in addition, they felt that they were leaving behind “a great love”. At least that’s how Baran bo Odar explained it in an interview for Indie Wire , who also told a very difficult moment for him after filming the end of Dark :

I came back three days after the end of filming because I really didn’t feel well, to be honest. I came out with my large format camera and was taking photos of those places like a fanatic. It was a really awkward feeling that day. But now I’m okay. It’s over. It was like letting go of a love story. “

A world in mirror

Through the 26 episodes that make up Dark , the creators developed a tremendous story in the fictional town of Winden. As we well know, the series takes us through different periods, sequences of 33 years in which significant changes occur in the lives of the inhabitants of that city. But, in addition, in the third season an alternative world is explored and, as the showrunners explained , in the mirror .

There is no doubt that the devil is in the details, so mime happens with genius. And it is that the world we know in the third season of Dark is not only different because of the alternative stories of its characters, but it is literally a “mirror world”. In other words, the locations were mirrored as is, so if in Jonas’s world the door to his house is on the right, in the other world it will be on the left, and thus with the objects in each room, including the books. .

‘Dark’, a brilliant series

Another very interesting detail that the creators of Dark addressed in said interview, is the arrangement of the seasons and what they call “bridge chapters” . They explain that each season has an episode that compares with what is known in music as “bridge”. In other words, a chapter where the pieces are finally release and the viewer can discover what is missing:

In Season 3, the seventh episode is where we basically complete all those last pieces of the puzzle. So it was figuring out which pieces of the puzzle need to go there so that we get the feeling that the characters are actually completing the circle. Finally we fill in the gaps and you see how the circle develops. That was one of the cornerstones to develop the third season. We look at all the characters and try to discover what is really important, what we need to deliver.

It seems that the creators were not wrong in their formula. It is a series that demands great attention to understand its intricate characters and stories, timelines and yes, in addition to enduring a desolate feeling on many occasions. The reception of this third season has been quite positive, since they managed to dismiss a series at the best moment despite how difficult it was for its creators, but also for its public.

Long live Dark . All three seasons are available to all Netflix subscribers .

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