Why Business Owners Are Missing the Marketing Curve

Many business owners are missing the marketing curve associated with today’s mobile culture using push notifications. That’s right, too many business owners are focused on social media marketing campaigns. While social media marketing is still a great resource, push notifications have better delivery and a right to your customers mobile. This is of the best tool in marketing when you have your own mobile app.

A major component of mobile marketing that continues to be misunderstood is Push Notification marketing. It is a proven fact that 99% of all Push Notifications are opened. And Push Notifications are sent to the smart phones of millions of people daily. People are constantly looking at their phones, not every single business update via a company’s social media account. Mobile marketing offers a personal sense of catering to a customer’s wants and needs, where a social media update can come across as a blanket message that really isn’t tailored for each recipient.

In the United States alone that’s 9 out of 10 people that carry a mobile device according to research done by MobiThinking. The outreach a Push Notification marketing campaign has in relation to return on investment (ROI) capability is really amazing. The comparison, investment wise, is outstanding. Most Push Notification marketing campaigns are free when you have your own mobile app. Think about what it costs to send a direct mail piece or place a print add. And, in addition to the cost, the reach isn’t immediate, only has about a 30% response rate, and the printing harms the environment.

Mobile marketing campaigns are easier to manager, more affordable to and they save the environment. While this effort continues to be a missed opportunity for several businesses, more pro-tech startup companies are starting to realize its value.

A big difference between your using push notifications through your own app and text messaging is also in the legal department. With much stricter laws when opting someone into your text message program and allowing them to opt out, where you app is simply downloaded or uninstalled. Your customers also will be prompted to allow for mobile messages. This can allow for less legal responsibility when dealing with your customer base.

Don’t miss the marketing curve by solely relying on social media updates and ads to reach potential customers. Marketing through your app is a viable and free resource to any business owner that implements their own iPhone and Android mobile app.

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