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Who Were the Favorite Receivers of New Orleans Saints Great Archie Manning?



To most younger football fans, Archie Manning is known primarily as the father of current National Football League quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Manning. During his day though, Archie was a very skilled and highly thought of quarterback himself. He didn’t end up with championships or Super Bowl rings like both Peyton and Eli have, but he was always one of the more exciting quarterbacks in the league when he was playing.

Archie Manning played most of his career with the New Orleans Saints during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. While the team was sometimes exciting and almost always entertaining, they were not always incredibly competitive. This was mainly due to the fact that other than Manning, the team did not have very many players on its roster who rose to the level of great. Despite this, Manning made numerous great plays and led the team to a number of impressive wins. Fans often wonder what could have been had they surrounded him with more talent or had he played on another team.

Who though were Archie Manning’s favorite receivers during his NFL career? Here are the top five receivers that he threw the most touchdown passes to:

Henry Childs – 20

Wes Chandler – 13

Ike Harris – 12

Danny Abramowicz – 10

Dave Parks – 8

Manning threw 115 of his 125 career touchdown passes as a member of the Saints, he also threw eight with the Houston Oilers and then two with the Minnesota Vikings. His is more than just Peyton and Eli, he was a heck of a quarterback himself.

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