Where is it cheaper to spend ITV in Spain?

The price of the ITV varies in each autonomous community since it is these that are in charge of establishing the inspection fees. A small mess that often leads some drivers to do a few kilometers with their car in search of saving a few euros on the ITV .

Something that may be worth it, since for example, between the Basque Country (where the most expensive Technical Inspection of Vehicles are) and La Rioja, the ITV price difference exceeds 13 euros. 

In fact, in those communities in which this service is completely liberalized -as are the cases of Madrid and Murcia-, where the cost of ITV may be different depending on the station you go to. In any case, in the table below you can find the most common prices in both territories. 

On the other hand, at the beginning of each year, AECA, the employers of the ITVs that brings together 455 centers throughout Spain, prepares a document with the compilation of all the prices published in the official newspapers of the Autonomous Communities. In some, that ITV rate is fixed, but in others it marks a maximum (as is the case in La Rioja, the Canary or Catalonia). 

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Here you can check the official prices of the ITV in each autonomous community, however, as these do not include 21% VAT, nor the rate of 4.10 euros that you must pay to make the annotation that you have the inspection in force In the General Vehicle Registry, why get involved? If a little lower you can see the final cost with everything added. 

ITV prices vary by more than 80%

Of course, before thinking about how much it costs to spend ITV in each community , you must be clear that, although we are no longer in a State of Alarm , vehicle must be made by appointment. That does not mean that they will not attend you if you have not called before or booked through the web, if they can, they will, but if there are many cars waiting at that time, you may do the trip in vain and that also has its cost, in gasoline and time. 

In addition, during the ITV during the new normal , there are some changes, such as avoiding as much as possible to go through the office (they will give you the papers back on the same line normally) and the technicians now avoid entering the vehicles to manipulate them themselves during some of the tests, which you will have to do. And always, with the mask on. 

ITV prices in each Autonomous Community

Autonomous communityGasoline tourismDiesel tourismMotorcycles
Andalusia43.24 euros48.34 euros43.24 euros
Aragon41.32 euros50.50 euros22.69 euros
Asturias37.90 euros37.90 euros27.70 euros
Balearics34.46 euros50.36 euros24.43 euros
Canary 37.07 euros45.02 euros18.37 euros
Cantabria47.01 euros52.70 euros23.99 euros
Castilla la Mancha39.95 euros49.47 euros21.62 euros
Castilla y León41.10 euros48.49 euros26.38 euros
Catalonia40.52 euros45.51 euros21.21 euros
Valencian Community47.08 euros51.16 euros27.43 euros
Estremadura35.90 euros35.90 euros35.90 euros
Galicia38.95 euros46.55 euros34.30 euros
The Rioja35.15 euros44.48 euros22.29 euros
Madrid45.95 euros59.95 euros39.95 euros
Murcia39.85 euros53.70 euros24.09 euros
Navarre33.30 euros33.30 euros18.78 euros
Basque Country48.58 euros48.58 euros28.17 euros
Ceuta47.75 euros55.66 euros26.97 euros
Melilla36.13 euros41.07 euros22.54 euros
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