When Will COVID-19 Pandemic End? What’s the Status of Coronavirus Vaccine and Drug? Here Are All FAQs Answered!


The coronavirus pandemic has gripped nations across the world. The virus that creates COVID-19 disease among individuals, has infected people in millions and thousands could not survive as well. Meanwhile, public health experts and government leaders around the world have pinned much hope on the rapid development for a vaccine to beat back the pandemic. But it may not be an easy resolution to this global crisis, worries health experts. People are restricted indoors, and it has been months doing the same. But now, many countries, including India, are reopening, though at a slower rate and significant restrictions. While humans continue to struggle and adjust to the ‘new normal’ life, many questions are arising related to the pandemic. When will COVID-19 pandemic actually be over? Will we have to learn to live with it? What is the status of a vaccine? And many more questions run every day on the search engine box. Amid the race for coronavirus vaccine and drug, in this article, we bring you all the latest updates on COVID-19 pandemic and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answered.

When Will COVID-19 End?

It is difficult to predict as to when COVID-19 pandemic will actually end. Studies suggest that there are two options—an effective vaccine or herd immunity. A new study suggests that our immunity to SARS-CoV-2 does not last very long—as little as two months for some people. It means that a potential vaccine is required for the continuous boost to immunity. Regular Can Strengthen Immune System! Here Are Five Easy Exercises to Boost Immunity. 

What’s the Status of COVID-19 Vaccine?

Experts and doctors at the World Health Organisation (WHO), have stated that the fastest way to bring an end to the pandemic is through a vaccine. As per the latest list of WHO, above 160 vaccines for novel Coronavirus were being developed across the world. It is noteworthy, that as a relatively new disease, much remains unknown about COVID-19. According to the latest updates, Russia plans to start vaccinating against COVID-19 starting October, 2020 as the drug is yet to complete all the clinical trials.

Marci Cavaleri, the European Union’s top vaccine official, reported to Bloomberg in July that the EU could approve a vaccine for COVID-19 most likely before the end of 2020. The United States of America’s health experts are hoping that the country may have a safe and effective vaccine by the start of 2021. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have last month reported that human clinical trials for a vaccine for COVID-19 were initiated in the country.

Will COVID-19 Become an Endemic?

In May, this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that coronavirus could become what is known as endemic and may never go away. Nothing much can be said at this point in time, unless the rate of coronavirus cases drops, significantly, for a sustained period of time. Several countries in Asia that had successfully beat the virus, have begun seeing new cases again, such as Kong, Vietnam, South Korea and China.

The health experts and researchers across the globe, are working round the clock to know more about COVID-19 and find a way to beat the virus. As of now, all we can do is stay home as much as possible, unless to get essential services, follow social distancing and wear masks whenever we step out of the house.

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