What is Satellite Phone and How it Works?

A satellite phone is in actuality nothing but a radio transceiver. It sends signals directly to a satellite (part of a network of satellites). When the satellite phone is turn on, the signal goes up to any number of satellites in a compatible constellation. Where it is then register with the constellation.

How does Satellite Phone works?

A satellite phone allows the communication through satellites that move around the Earth’s orbit to provide telephone coverage in every corner of earth.

These devices depend on a network of powerful satellites that are fix either above the Equator, or in the Low Earth Orbit. 

Geostationary satellites are fix at a single point on Earth and their orbit is higher than 36,000 kilometers from the planet’s surface. So they can provide the service in a larger area.

Whereas in Low Earth Orbit, satellites are located in different parts of the Earth and fly lower. Generally between 400 and 700 kilometers from Earth. The result is greater coverage and better sound quality.

When you make a call, it is transmit from your phone to the nearest and visible satellite from your position, which after returns the signal to Earth.

All- proof Terminal

Satellite phones are robust, resist the most extreme conditions, withstand scratches, shocks, splashes of water and dust. They do not depend on a local ground infrastructure, making them the most effective method for search and rescue agencies in an emergency.

Also, the satellite telephony guarantees absolute security against espionage or hacker attacks, making it one of An infallible alternative for government authorities and security and defense agencies.

Satellite phones are also traditionally used in the maritime, air and oil areas, in the media, mining or agriculture.

And although it may seem unusual, there are still places with limited cellular coverage or where land line service is non-existent. And does not allow make or receive calls normally. Which is why many individuals are choosing to buy a satellite phone to meet their vital communication needs.

Advantages of Satellite Phone

  • Some models have color screens and menus similar to those of GSM terminals .
  • Easy and intuitive use similar to that of a cell phone. Which allows you to start using it from the first moment.
  • Battery with high durability. Some terminals offer a duration of up to 30 hours on standby and six hours in use.
  • 90% of the devices have built-in GPS, which allows sending geolocation information automatically