What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing relates to any promotional activity on mobile phones and other handy devices like tablets, smartphones. Mobile marketing reaches the customers through the ads and push notifications and mobile applications.

Importance of Mobile Marketing

According to Pew research in US, about 77% Americans have smartphones. As such, mobile audiences are so numerous and active (with many only using mobile devices) that to ignore them would be a missed opportunity. Mobile marketing is a core component of an overall advertising strategy.

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing ad formats vary, and appear on a range of different platforms, from social media to mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps, all offering unique mobile ad options, such as:

  • App based marketing- this is one of the attractive type of mobile marketing. However, Ads may vary from the banner ads to video, and increasingly advanced demos of other apps too.
  • Social media Marketing- organic and paid ads which appear on mobile social feeds can be great drivers of traffic. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram often boast the largest user bases or highly specific use cases.
  • Mobile search Ads- Search engines often offer specific ad types built for mobile. These can create unique benefits to offer an improved user experience, such as click-to-call functions or instant directions.
  • SMS– SMS marketing involves texting a user’s phone number with specific offers or notifications of upcoming deals. Note that SMS marketing can also be location-based.

Problems that can be solve

  1. Today’s mobile users range from ages 7 to 90. In other words, pretty much everyone is a mobile user in some capacity. The trick is knowing how and when they use their mobile devices. Take time to develop buyer personas and you’ll be able to reach your audience anywhere.
  2. By implementing responsive design, you ensure a seamless and easy-to-engage-with experience that will attract and retain users.
  3. Here are a variety of methods that can be use to analyze and optimize your mobile marketing tactics, including improving your responsive site and landing page design and personalizing content for mobile. It’s essential for businesses to future-proof their marketing strategy by boosting those mobile conversion rates. 
  4. The key to defining any effective strategy is to first decide what success looks like. Get the key stakeholders together to map your marketing strategy, determine how current efforts are performing and identify where you can improve.

Mobile Ads Fraud

With an estimated increase to $87 billion lost to ad fraud by 2022, this is a widespread issue among the mobile industry. In particular, click spam, click injection and SDK spoofing threaten to steal marketing spend and ruin the accuracy of a marketer’s data. As leaders in fraud prevention, Adjust also offer the Fraud Prevention Suite as an additional package, preventing fraudsters from stealing your ad spend and compromising your data