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What happened in Chennai Test 35 years ago, even after 1359 Test matches, did not yield the same result



India and England clashed in the second Test in Chennai. In the first match where Team India lost on this ground. Whereas Team India is now pushing for victory in the second Test match. In terms of results, many historical results have been seen at Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. But the match played on this ground between India and Australia in September 1986 became a part of its history forever. Yes, it was a match that was tied. It was the second Test match in the history of cricket, which was tied. The 1986 match was the 1052nd Test. Since then, 2411 Test matches have been played, but no matches have taken place yet.

The Australian team toured India in 1986 and the first Test was played in Chennai. Australia batted first and scored 574 runs. Dean Jones hit a . In response, he scored 397 runs. Captain Kapil Dev scored 119 runs. Australia scored 170 runs in the second innings and declared the innings. India got a target of 348 runs to win. India won this match.

He scored 330 for 6 wickets. Now he needed 18 runs from five overs, the victory was on sight. But in the next over, Ray Bright changed the course of the match with two wickets. Shivlal Yadav hit a six before being dismissed. Now the score was 344 on 9. In the last over, he took one run off a ball and tied the score with a run on the third ball. Now Maninder Singh was on strike. But he could not score one run for the win and was dismissed. And this match was tied.

Sunil Gavaskar, who was part of the team at the time, said that during a match, the players drowned in sorrow in the Indian dressing room that day. Because a match-winning team had to as a tie. However, he was later assured that he would not lose the match. It was just a tie. And this was only the second time in history. The three-match series ended 0–0.

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