Was Kim’s breakdown with Kanye in Wyoming a publicity stunt? Internet says they ‘set it up’ for the cameras

Was Kim's breakdown with Kanye in Wyoming a publicity stunt? Internet says they 'set it up' for the cameras

The last few days have definitely not been easy for the Kardashians or at least that’s how they have portrayed it to be following Kanye West’s infamous public meltdown. After Kanye made shocking revelations about his with Kim Kardashian at his presidential campaign in South Carolina, rumors were rife that the celebrity couple’s relationship was on the rocks.

However, Kim, through long emotional posts on Instagram opened up to her millions of followers about the struggles of dealing with someone suffering from mental illness and the tough spot it puts on their dear and near ones.

Kim and Kanye, who were not seen in each other’s presence since the latter’s episode, were spotted together in Wyoming on July 27 as they stepped out to grab some fast food from Wendy’s, according to Daily Mail. However, it isn’t their reunion that’s turned heads, but what unfolded later between them once they got into their non-tinted car. 

The pictures shared by the publication show Kim crying her eyes out with Kanye seated next to her. Meanwhile, Kanye is also seen deeply involved in the conversation, with his face carrying intense expressions. 

While the pictures showing Kim and Kanye together have provided their fans some relief, a few of them are wondering if the situation was staged as a form of publicity. On seeing Kim break down in a public space while sitting in a car whose windows weren’t tinted, a few Internet users have suggested that the couple may have called the paparazzi themselves to capture the movement to garner attention. 

Twitter users were quick to share their opinion on the platform. When one user wrote, “Kim set it up she’s good with the paparazzi” another added, “Looks like they told the cameras to be there.” Meanwhile, many of them the star couple why they would drive around in a car with its windows not tinted, knowing how the cameras always follow them around. “Why they ridin with no tints? Sheesh,” asked one fan. 

However, some of them expressed concern over Kim and Kanye’s after how it was dragged into the public on occasions. One disappointed fan wrote, “Their relationship is unhealthy. I feel bad,” while another added, “The infatuation the public has for this relationship is sickening.”

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