Virat and Anushka are on the 35th floor of this luxurious apartment in Mumbai, see inside photos of the house

Anushka Sharma has recently become a mother. He gave birth to a daughter whose photo he has shared for the first time. He has named his daughter Vamika.

Vamika’s name is made by combining Virat and Anushka’s name. In this name Virat’s ‘V’ and Anushka’s ‘Ka’ are included, it means Dev Durga.

After marriage, Virat stays with Kohli in an apartment named Omkar in Mumbai. They live on the 35th . Anushka Sharma and Virat are riding it together.

Both came to live here in the year 2017, both have lived here since then. This 4 BHK flat is said to be worth about 34 crores. The of the beautiful sea is also seen from here.

This house has a corner designed by Anushka herself where she shoots photos. Many of his photos also appear on Instagram.

Anushka has also created a small but beautiful garden, where she often spends and care of tree plants.]

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