Vintage, Antique Telephones Are Back In Demand

For decades, centuries probably, people have collected different things, starting from stamps to matchboxes. However, these aren’t as profitable as collecting antiques. If you have ever reality TV shows like Pawn Stars, you’ll know what I mean here. If this sparks your interest, here’s a great idea to start profiting from antiques: go for vintage phones.

Is There Really a Benefit to Investing in Vintage Phones?

The answer to this question is a resonating ‘Yes’. A number of antique investors have been able to make a lot of money from buying and re-selling vintage phones. Vintage phones are relatively to find in comparison with other antiques, but keep in mind that a generous cheque depends on the condition of the phone. So, if it is in bad shape, it won’t be appealing to your collectors. Luckily, there are old phone restoration specialists who can help you out.

Even if your vintage phones prove to be less profitable than you expect, you can easily sell them to someone else for a profit or use them to add to the aesthetics of your home. With a few updates, a classic phone can easily be connected to your modern phone system to send and receive calls.

However, because what you invest in determines how much you’ll get in return, you should know which phones are considered antiques and how quickly they’ll sell.

Types of Vintage Phones

Here are a few of the vintage phones that you can choose from.

Box Phones

The earliest and first telephone was made up of a large box to transmit and receive calls. It also comes with a smaller headset and a cone-type mouthpiece to transmit voice to the other end. The models used at home were expensive and only a few lucky individuals were privileged to own them. Therefore, chances of you getting one of these are slim. If you do, however, you can sell them for a handsome amount.

Crank Phones

Crank phones are another type of early wooden telephones that required the caller to speak into a mouthpiece and crank the box to operate it. These models are available only sparingly these days, but are a good investment if you get your hands on them.

Candlestick Telephones

Perhaps the one type of telephone that you can find easily is the candlestick telephone model. An early standard issue telephone, the candlestick remained in use until the introduction of the Dreyfuss desk phone.

Wall Phones

The traditional wall phone, which remained popular well into the 1960’s, has a handset that was added for convenience.

Early Desk Phones

In 1937, the Henry Dreyfuss Western Electric Model 302 became the standard issue and was used by the general public until the introduction of the 500 desk telephone model. However, since the phones of this era are considered relatively modern, chances are that they won’t be as profitable as the rest on this list, but are still worth the investment if you don’t mind the wait.

Now that you understand why vintage phones are great collectables and know which ones to look for, why not consider purchasing one for yourself? They’re great conversation starters, really add some old-school charm to a room, and also serve as a functional piece of communication.

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