Verizon and Verizon Authorized Retailer

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Corporate Verizon Store

A corporate Verizon store or the regular store is own and operated by Verizon themselves. These stores work specifically for Verizon, which overseas to ensure the best possible experience for you. It also employs its own people so they can have greater control over the staff in the store. All profits the store makes goes to them, and as a result, the company will be accountable for everything that happens in the store.

Authorized Verizon Retailer

An authorize retailer is a privately own retailer that has license to sell their products and services. These stores are not own by them and can be owned by an individual or a group of individuals and, as a result, employ their own staff. The owners can take out a hefty commission on all sales made from the store.

Verizon also pays for the maintenance fee and co-accruals on all customers to that store, in return for the store’s profit margin on sales. The owners have more freedom to conduct the business and the store as they see fit, but since they are operating on behalf of them, there are a set of terms and conditions that they have to follow.

It also handles all the billing and collection of your monthly subscription fees and activates new accounts with the help of the authorized store you set up the plan from.

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Difference Between Verizon And Verizon Authorized Retailer

These stores are fully own by themselves. Whereas authorize retailers are own by private individuals authorize to sell products. Another difference is the return policy. The return policy is uniform for all Verizon-owned stores. You can return any wireless device or accessory within 30 days of purchase, with a restocking fee of $50.

Authorized retailers can have their own return terms. Most stores only give you 14 days to return a device, but it can vary from store to store. Going to the retailer’s website and reading their return policy is a must if you are going to return a device to an authorized retailer.