Useful Strategies for Search Engine Optimization

Most website owners are searching for the best SEO strategies to help them get into the first page of search engine results pages. The slightest bump up into the search engine rankings can decide whether your business will be seen by the people you are targeting. Here are some of the best and most useful SEO methods that you can use to you’re your business more effective.

On-Page SEO – This is the oldest SEO strategy and also the most used. However, it is generally the least useful. It used to be that on-page SEO was the most important thing you can use. Now it only contributes about 15% in the total success of your SEO efforts. But even if this is the case, not practising on-page SEO can be detrimental to your site ranking. Optimizing your page involves creating alt tags on the images, deep site navigation, keyword optimization, an SEO friendly code, title tags, and proper links.

Back links from trusted websites – Article marketing does help you to generate the needed back links but these are not always valuable. If you want to get really useful ones, you need to get them from sites that are trusted and have authority. These are websites that are highly regarded by Google. These are the websites that end in ‘.edu’ or ‘.gov’. You can also work with high-ranking directories such as Yahoo! or DMOZ.

Link baiting – This is a strategy where you create really good content that can become viral and attract more attention. If you are the owner of a dog training website, you can make an article about the top 101 behaviour problems that dogs have. This will be a huge article and it will take you a long time to write it but it will become a very useful resource and other websites will want to post them.

Article marketing – This is another useful SEO technique that has been used for a long time. It also highly improves the success of your online marketing efforts. You need to create articles that focus on a certain keyword and create a link going back to the website that you have. These articles are then submitted to article directories that post them online free of charge. In exchange for this, they promise to post your link.

After having posted an article, you see a back link going to your website. This, in turn, is picked up by the search engine spiders. This is something that you have to frequently do. You need to constantly post fresh article to keep the SEO value of the links that you have.

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