Useful Phrases in French – From a French Speaking Native

I had a really good chuckle Googling “useful phrases in French” earlier today. Some people should really take the courses they advertise because they obviously don’t know the language they’re writing about.

Believe me, Poulet Sauté (Sauteed Chicken) does not translate into “Jumped Chicken”, so to help you out, here are some useful phrases in French, from a real Frenchman.

First of all however, remember that although French is spoken in France and in Quebec, for example, there are nuances but it’s still the same language, these lines should help you get started speaking the lingo!

Comment allez-vous? — How are you?

Où se trouve le __________? — Where is __________?

Où sont les toilettes? — Where are the washrooms?

Je ne comprend pas — I don’t understand

Je comprend — I understand

C’est combien? — How much is it?

Que veux dire _______________? — What does _______________mean?

Je suis désolé — I’m sorry

A gauche — to the left

A droite — to the right

Je ne sais pas. — I don’t know

Est-ce que je peux _____________? — May I____________?

Je suis désolé — I’m sorry

A few civilities:

Bonjour, (literal translation is “good day”) is a very good greeting as in good morning or good afternoon while Bonsoir (literally “good night”), is rather used as in “good evening”. A funny thing when I’m in Madagascar (yes it’s French there), is that they used Bonsoir immediately after noon, always takes me aback!

This is a start, you now know a few useful phrases in French. Should you want to know more, there are some excellent free downloads available for starters, and a proper course can be very inexpensive nowadays. So, until the next time;

Merci et aurevoir, Thank you and good bye.

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