UltraDART, 125W realme fast charge to achieve 33% in 3 minutes


This is the week of fast loading , super fast. A few days ago, a video of the Xiaomi 120 W fast charger was leaked , but here the one who leads the baton in beast fast charging is Oppo and did not want the attention to be taken by his Chinese rival. Thus, they presented their 125 W fast charge and, of course, they have really followed me.

Oppo has a 125 W charger that allows you to charge the 4,000 mAh mobile in about 20 minutes , it is a spectacular speed and a jump from 33 minutes with a 65 W charger that the Find X2 Pro has right now. In addition to that wired charger, they also introduced new features in fast wireless chargers.

And, as a good sister company, it really from Oppo’s R&D expenditure. UltraDART is the new realme fast charging technology that also reaches 125 W. Since its appearance a few months ago, realme has had charger models of 30 W, 50 W and 65 W, and now they are making the leap to Impressive 125 W that allow you to charge 33% of the battery in just three minutes .

This is impressive, and according to company accounts, a full charge can be completed in as little as 13 minutes . That is, there are daily that we consider brief in which it would take us more than to fully charge the battery of our mobile. Of course, for those calculations of full charge in 13 minutes they do not offer details of the amperage.

For more specific data, they locate a supposed 5G mobile with a 4,000 mAh battery that would reach the mentioned 33% in three minutes and a full charge in 20 minutes . Wow, it is like the Oppo system, after all, also with a system of two 2,000 mAh batteries with independent, but simultaneous charging, for terminals with those 4,000 mAh.

You may be wondering if this is dangerous for the smartphone … and for yourself. And yes, it would be if the temperature went up a lot. However, realme has a temperature control that will ensure this UltraDART load whenever the terminal has a temperature below 40º .

In addition to thermal control, terminals with this charging system will have a multilayer protection to avoid possible , placing a heatsink right at the current input and distributor, as well as having software protection to limit the load to 98% and overloads do not occur.

This charging technology is ready and we want to see which is the first terminal (either Oppo or realme) that presents it as one of its star features. In addition, as a curiosity, the Chinese company claims that this ultrafast loading takes place even if we are using the terminal. That is, it does not need to be on a table with the screen off, but we can using it normally, even while we play.

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