Twitch will allow simulcasting to competitor streaming platforms

Twitch will now allow its users to stream concurrently on other live video sites. The announcement was made at in Las Vegas, just as it dropped new . The company emphasized that simulcasting is permitted as long as the “Twitch user experience is not compromised” on other platforms.

Back in August, Twitch relaxed its rules on cross-streaming, allowing channels to have their live content appear on social media apps like and Instagram. In terms of what new competitor services are kosher now, Twitch’s language is broad — citing that “any service” is on the table. The lone exception appears to be channels which have signed exclusivity contracts with Twitch.

The new approach to simulcasting might seem to hurt the company’s bottom line. A live streaming platform wants more entertainers, so, why allow users to take their content elsewhere? The move might be a response to several big-name streamers and with competitors in the space — YouTube specifically. It’s pure speculation, but perhaps handing creators additional revenue streams with no strings attached might be enough to keep major players on board, and medium-sized streamers happier with their income.

Twitch has been trying to update policies across the board to keep both its users and investors happy. The company just attempted to address off-platform , and it has even dabbled with that can moderate chats. It also introduced new features borrowed from other social media companies, and .

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