Trump sets TikTok deadline: must be sold before September 15 or it will be blocked

Trump sets TikTok deadline: must be sold before September 15 or it will be blocked

During the day yesterday we were able to read the unusual message spread by Microsoft in which it reported its interest in buying in some countries and the situation in which this movement found itself , as well as the conversations that its CEO, Satya Nadella, had with President Donald Trump.

But it seems that Donald Trump has wanted to speak out directly and has added information to his blocking threats by setting a deadline. In his words, will be blocked if it is not sold to a US company before September 15, 2020 . A date that Microsoft already indicated in its statement. 

The same president has informed his interest that the application that currently belongs to ByteDance becomes part of a US company , but that it is a secure one. According to his words collected by Bloomberg : ” It will close on September 15 unless Microsoft or someone else can buy it and reach an agreement, an appropriate agreement, so that the Treasury gets a lot of money .”

It seems that this date was indicated a few days ago by the country’s Foreign Investment Committee with the intention of offering an extension to Microsoft to manage the purchase. The intention to quickly block the application was being considered and this option was seen as an interesting measure for various reasons.

In addition to the importance of the economic benefits that it generates, there is that of private data and that they be kept in the instead of traveling to China , which is why it has been described on numerous occasions as a spy application by politicians Americans.

According to Microsoft, they would ensure that ” all the private data of US users is transferred to and remains in the United States. To the extent that such data is currently stored or backed up outside the United States, Microsoft will ensure that are removed from servers outside the country after being transferred . “

According to ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming, ” We have not yet found a final solution, but considering the current international situation, we must face the US president’s order to ban and the decision of the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) .” This phrase already indicates that this movement may be near.

Anyway, and although is a vitally important application, you also have to think about what can happen with others that come from China in the future, such as WeChat , and if they will also be forced to be bought by American companies.

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