‘Tron 3’ is near to a reality and it will count on the return of Duff Punk


A decade has passed since Tron Legacy hit theaters around the world, a period in which we have heard countless rumors about a possible sequel. However, the reality is that Disney is n’t too keen on reviving the franchise; at least that was what we all believed. And is that the recent statements of a company executive make us believe that they have their minds about Tron 3 .

Mitchell Leib, the head of Disney’s music division, spoke to the Light the Fuse podcast about Tron’s future . The manager a couple of major bombs. The first of them is that he acknowledged having with so that they will take over the soundtrack again in a new movie . Recall that the French duo made the original Tron Legacy soundtrack , clapping their hands for their extraordinary work.

Even more importantly, Leib revealed that there is a script for Tron 3 that Disney liked . In fact, he mentioned that the existence of Disney Plus could facilitate the realization of the project. “Now with Disney Plus, I think there are opportunities to create content that we couldn’t have done otherwise. We’re in the big movie business, and unless it’s a great idea, we don’t make small movies. We’re just looking for blockbusters that reach the dollars, “he said.

‘Tron 3’ at Disney Plus?

Disney Plus lends itself to give space to productions of lesser scope, such as Tron 3 . Tron Legacy grossed $ 400 million at the box office, so it’s far from matching Disney’s biggest hits. This does not mean that Mickey will not open the portfolio to create a great feature film. As mentioned earlier, one of Leib’s big goals is to bring back. He is currently negotiating with the production company that belongs to the French duo.

As for the director of the film, Leib opened the doors upon the return of Joseph Kosinski , who also directed Tron Legacy : “We hope that Kosinski will come back and do something else. Many things have to be in the right places, but we certainly have our minds open. ” So, everything indicates that it is a matter of time for Tron 3 to finally come true.

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