Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission fluid is important because it lubricates the components inside your transmission. Transmission fluid can also clean and protect metal components with in the transmission, condition gaskets, and increase rotational speed and temperature range. Firstly, your manual transmission might simple just use automatic transmission fluid. Secondly, it might use motor oil. Thirdly, you might need transmission oil or “heavyweight hypoid gear oil“. So fluid change is important.

How to know the need of changing transmission?

Need to check your transmission fluid for two things – One, that fluid level reaches the recommended marking on your dipstick. If it does not, you need to top up your transmission fluid. Two, you need to check the quality of transmission fluid. Good transmission fluid is mostly odourless and translucent.

A Transmission Fluid Change Help?

Burn transmission fluid can’t lubricate your transmission as new fluid. If there is too much perticulate in your transmission fluid, those small minerals and metals can damage the other components of your transmission. Most vehicle owners know that in order to keep there ride roadworthy, they need to stay up to date on routine maintenance such as tire changing and oil changes. If the fluid is dark brown or black then, it is possible that you will be replacing your fluid. Dark fluid with burnt smell is bad news. Both of those symptoms point to possible damage of your transmission’s internal components. 

Low Fluid

If your fluid is low , it does not mean you are headed a disaster. Filling up the transmission and then checking it daily to check the level of fluid. Also try to visually inspect your transmission by looking under the car for any fluid oozing out of it. If you observe that your transmission is using an abnormal amount of fluid, contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

Contrary to what some internet mechanics may tell you, a transmission-fluid replacement will not destroy an older vehicle’s aging transmission. Typically, when a transmission suddenly has issues after fluid replacement, it’s because there was already an internal problem, such as a worn clutch pack. If your transmission is healthy, then a fresh change of fluid will only help its longevity.