Toronto According to: Producer Jamie Patricof

Toronto According to: Producer Jamie Patricof

What I miss most about not being at TIFF during the pandemic is
Not specific to TIFF, but I miss festivals so much. They are my favorite events of the year and TIFF is no different. Between seeing some of our best filmmakers premiering their new movies to new voices we have never heard from. 

What I don’t miss about TIFF is
The films they have rejected of mine!

My “only in Toronto” moment is…
One of my favorite nights at TIFF was when we premiered Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan Gosling took us to one of his favorite Italian places called La Bruschetta, it is a bit out of the way, but it is a mom-and-pop Italian that I still dream of coming back to. 

What I’ve missed most about Toronto as a city is…
The people. I just love Canadians (I’m married to one).

The biggest challenge working festivals during the Covid era is…
Everything! I am really glad they have figured out a way to survive with virtual festivals, but nothing beats being in person.

The one place I have to visit when in Toronto is
Usually it is whatever the best dim sum spot is of the moment, in the past it has been Rol San, this year I am going to check out Matty Matheson’s new restaurant Prime Seafood Palace

The place I avoid during the festival is…
My hotel room, I want to be out and about as much as possible.

My favorite Canadian director/talent is (and why)…
Ryan Gosling! He is one of the best actors working and I have been lucky enough to have worked with him multiple times since our first film together, Half Nelson.

The most Canadian thing about Toronto is

The one thing I won’t travel without (besides my phone) is..
A hoodie from The Hundreds, my Pair of Thieves socks and my Air Pod Max headphones.

In Toronto you should always…
Go to St. Lawrence Market and Kensington Market.

In Toronto you should never…
Not say sooooory.