Top Three Networking Myths

Unless you are a pro at networking, it is easy to believe common fallacies of the common business practice. Networking is an art and a skill. It requires dedication, commitment and consistent for true and continual success. Learning the principles of networking and being effective in networking can make a big difference. Individuals and companies can profit greatly from it, when it is done properly and effectively. This article is designed to highlight three myths of this business practice which can affect the progress of your agenda.

Myth #1: Go to as many networking events as possible.

In order to achieve true success in networking, individuals and companies must be strategic in their methods. Being strategic does not mean attending every event in your city or town. It really means identifying your purpose for networking and selecting the right functions. It also means setting aside time to prepare for events and attending events with an objective or mission in mind. Attending random networking events is just as productive as not attending an event. Being purposeful in your agenda guarantees a higher level of connections and progress.

Myth #2: Pass out as many business cards as possible.

Although it is good to generate awareness and buzz about yourself or organization, there are also disadvantages. Passing out too many business cards can involve a breech in privacy. Your information can easily be placed into different marketing and promotional sites without your permission. This can lead to excess spam and even a stolen or compromised identity. Be safe and be wise in how you market and exploit yourself and your organization.

As mentioned above, it is critical to use good tactics in networking. Passing out business cards to random people who may have no interest, is not strategic. Consider talking with people and understanding their business or social needs. Think of ways of doing business or offering help which they find valuable. Then, if there is a connection or avenue for a partnership, offer your business card and follow up.

Myth 3: Only go to free networking events.

Keep in my mind the basic principle of quality over quantity. Do not hesitate to invest and spend money on networking. Free events may be good and convenient but there have limitations. Do not over look paid events because they can attract diverse groups of individuals or organizations. Paid events can also provide a better venue for doing business which in addition draws a high caliber of people and associations.

Follow these basic tips to navigate your networking objectives in the right direction. Use a good strategy which benefits you both presently and in the future.

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