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Superhero movies have shifted enough to convert from a high-risk genre to a safe bet at the box office and have enough examples to make a list of best superhero movies. As well as the worst .

However, his greatest radical change also in his ability to mature and become increasingly interesting, prolific and solid.

Especially in recent years, the quality of the stories based on the most unique comic stories has turned into small artistic works that surprise with their quality and novel look at the genre. In no particular order, we take a look at the best of superhero movies.

10) X-Men: Days of the Future Past , by Bryan Singer (2014)

This semi-reboot of the original franchise managed to revitalize the fate saga and endow its main characters with an unknown three-dimensionality. Especially when a succession of bad cinematic decisions seemed to have sensitively struck the integrity of the most iconic faces of the comic book’s most beloved mutants.

But Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past , available on Disney Plus , rescued the gist of a sometimes painful and almost always brilliant plot. And also, he gave her a powerful look that revitalized the characters.

Michael Fassbender’s Magnet became an integral symbol of rational evil, while James McAvoy created a new version of human Xavier, divided between fear, love and duty. As if that wasn’t enough, Hugh Jackman provides his traveling Wolverine between timelines with astonishing strength and makes him the center of attention for a formidable and flawless film at every level.

Perhaps the most daring experiment in the saga and, undoubtedly, in superhero cinema.

9) ‘Shazam!’ , by David F. Sandberg (2019)

No one – not even DC – expected this movie based on the publisher’s not-so-popular superhero to become the success it became. But it was a risky bet that turned out well. One of the most lovable movies of recent years that accomplished the miracle of shaking the foundations of DC’s expanded universe and giving it a second wind, as well as interconnecting its different stories with a rare mix of subtlety, a sense of humor, tenderness, and innocence. .

Of course, we all know: the big star of the show is Zachary Levy, who in an obvious and more than brilliant tribute to Tom Hanks in Big embodies the youngest superhero on with moments of unique sense of humor, humanity and innocence .

As if all of the above were not enough Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer create a dynamic duo whose chemistry is worth pure gold. Special mention for the direction of Sandberg, full of nods to pop culture and the rest of the studio film. A brilliant exercise in imagination .

8) Captain America: The Winter Soldier , by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo (2014)

Stephen Markus and Christopher McFeely’s script is still considered brilliant, a huge spy movie in the context of the superhero genre. Elegant, with a sophisticated narrative gaze, but especially a reflection on the dual nature of good and evil that is rarely included in movies of the genre, this is one of the crown jewels of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In addition to its formal virtues, Captain America: The Winter Soldier – available on Disney Plus – is also the presentation of an idea that would continue to be of considerable interest in the rest of the films involving Captain America: his spiritual maturity and conception. of the leading hero, which actor Chris Evans embodies with subtlety and deep compassion.

From the incorruptible and impassive hero of the comic, the cinematographic Captain America is a fortunate combination of the symbolic and the human , which allows us to understand its virtues and some of its defects.

The perfect man can also be fallible and the Russo brothers took care to remember him.

7) Avengers: Infinity War , by Joe and Anthony Russo (2018)

Before the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War , now available on Disney Plus, several critical voices wondered aloud if it would be possible for a scenario like the one the Russo brothers imagined for the end of the first part of the conclusion of phase three. from the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have a successful outcome.

It was a complicated journey through several parallel timelines and storylines, and a prodigy of good narrative work to try to mix disparate and often personalities, in stark contrast to the characters. That without account with multiple scenarios in which the events would take place and, also, the stories of several of the emblematic faces that had populated the tour on the big of the house of ideas for more than ten years and that would have to be concluded in a moment. one way or another.

The film showed that it lived up to the demands of the public and that it also became a successful experiment that puzzled, amazed and moved millions of fans of the successful Marvel franchise around the world.

No one suspected — no one more than those who had listened carefully to Mark Ruffal — the end of the film, and by the time the was filled with clusters of ash, the sinister silence that preceded the closing credits stunned much of the audience.

After the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe gravitated to Thanos (Josh Brolin) ‘s threat to wipe out half of his existing life, the consummation of perhaps one of the most ruthless acts of cruelty in the comic book world, came to the big with all its drama and unusual tension.

The physical disappearance of many of the audience’s favorite heroes shook the MCU’s fans and left them stunned awaiting the conclusion, which would have the complicated mission of not only getting off on the right foot what was called “the ultimate superhero movie ”But to provide appropriate redemption to your favorite characters. Could do it?

6) Avengers: Endgame , by Joe and Anthony Russo (2018)

If the recording of Avengers: Infinity War , available on Disney Plus , was all a planned strategy to avoid information leaks, the conclusion in Avengers: Endgame became the best kept secret in the cinema.

Fans were given the task of reviewing forums, scrutinizing photographs and making guesses for almost a year, while Marvel refused to provide the slightest clue of what would happen in what would undoubtedly be his most colossal, powerful and without doubt, the emotional closure of a long journey of the public with their favorite heroes.

By the time of its release, the film sparked a true collective reaction to the height of iconic hits like Star Wars : Queues of fans from around the world began to form days before the official premiere and although most of the tickets were sold weeks Back, a large number of followers began buying tickets auctioned by E-Bay at exorbitant prices.

Finally, on April 22, 2019, the doors of the cinemas opened and fans were able to one of the most emblematic events of the decade . Despite its nearly four hours in length, the film became a box office snapshot and a colossal critical triumph.

On a formal level, the film is a direct sequel to Avengers: Infinity War and decides to take the more complex path of reversing the deadly consequences of Thanos’ snap.

The script is a solid reinvention of the usual time travel and although there were complaints about the scientific concepts used by the writers to narrate the story, the film manages to properly close all the questions left by its predecessor. As if that wasn’t enough, it had several of the most iconic scenes in the history of superhero cinema and a poignant climax that opened the doors for whatever happens in the upcoming fourth phase.

Colossal, excessive and extraordinary, the film represented the highest point of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5) Deadpool , by Tim Miller (2016)

It took this bigmouth mercenary years and all the power – then not so much – of Ryan Reynolds in the industry to make it to the big screen.

He had to contend with executive mistrust, hundreds of screenplay revisions, Reynolds’ film failures, and the fact that the studio didn’t seem particularly keen on bringing a rude hero to the cinema, frequently breaking the fourth wall and It would need an adult rating to function. So the film went from hand to hand, until finally an executive spoke to Reynolds – who also financed part of the filming – and gave the project the green light.

The next thing that happened is that this mutant who doesn’t want to be a hero and has a dubious sense of humor became an extraordinary box office hit and garnered such a colossal gross that it made him the most profitable R-rated film for years, a title that recently lost from Todd Phillip’s .

But success accomplished something else: it made Deadpool a must-see reference for a new type of superhero, a mundane, sometimes grotesque, but certainly necessary in the pristine and occasionally boring, superhero universe.

4) Wonder Woman , by Patty Jenkins (2017)

The DC Cinematic Universe was going through perhaps the worst of its times, and the decision to bring the Wonder Woman story to the cinema for the first time did not seem like the immediate response to the crisis.

Above all, after several box office failures and especially a lackluster history of films that failed to fully awaken the interest of the public. But still, the studio and publisher took the risk: They hired a not-too-famous actress and put the project in the hands of a director with an interesting but not very well-known vision. It might not be the triumph they needed, but it was an honorable addition to their increasingly confusing cinematic universe.

As it turned out, it was exactly what DC needed: Gal Gadot embodied Diana of Themyscira with a formidable and powerful charisma, which endowed the film with astonishing solidity as Jenkins’ leadership made the Amazons totem of strength and firmness.

The result is a film with colossal potential and a charm that is still difficult to define.

3) by Todd Phillips (2019)

When the director of the Hangover trilogy in Las Vegas announced that he was working on a version of the arch nemesis for Batman, no one gave a of confidence to the project. Not even Warner Bros, who chose to discourage the director by drastically decreasing the original budget and putting all kinds of obstacles for its filming. But Phillips insisted and even contributed money from his pocket to ensure the production progress.

When Joaquin Phoenix accepted the role of Arthur Fleck / Joker, some eyebrows rose with curiosity and others with interest. The first photographs showed a with a colorful and disturbing face that the audience did not know how to fit in and whose image increased the expectation towards what Phillips could be filming.

By the time the first trailer was released, it was clear that what was about to be born was a breakthrough (or so it was called) and perhaps the most baffling reinvention of one of DC’s iconic characters.

The film did not quite meet expectations, but it can boast of having rewritten the history of superhero movies. With his social criticism subtext, his monstrous gaze on a type of evil rarely seen on and a few iconic scenes, Joker turned into a veritable earthquake that shook the foundations of superhero cinema.

The film divided critics and audiences alike, earned Pheonix his first Oscar, and set a high standard for the studio’s next production. An unprecedented success that may be very difficult to emulate in the future.

2) Logan , by James Mangold (2017)

Mangold has a special capacity to narrate stories from an adult perspective and especially those that involve a renewed look at specific film genres. In Logan, he managed to create a western from one of Mark Millar’s best-known comics, and also create a powerful atmosphere that endowed the solid script with a rare twilight beauty.

Wolverine’s farewell to the X-Men world and Hugh Jackman’s character is a careful homage to the original material , and to one of the traditional genres of American cinema.

With its long neat shots, a version of one of the most iconic mutants defeated by age and the hostile world around him , it is a careful review of the superheroic universe in an adult, moving and powerful key.

Perhaps one of the best films of the rich filmography of its director and also, of the last five years.

1) Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse , by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman (2018)

Miles Morales was already a success in the world of comics before arriving through the front door to this extraordinary exercise in metalanguage and visual intelligence, which undoubtedly has one of the best scripts of recent years, whether in animated or traditional cinema. , to which we must also add a lavish visual section that surprised the public and amazed specialized critics.

But also Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is much more than its formal benefits : it is a path of the hero set out in a brilliant , clean, intelligent and transgressive way. An emotional look at one of the favorite heroes of the comic book world, a tribute to the superhero universe and the innocence of self-discovery.

All embodied in the figure of one of the most charismatic heroes of recent years and his various dimensional incarnations. Taken together, the film is a total celebration of everything that makes superhero movies , Spiderman, and every element of the comic book world extraordinary that keeps us fans year after year. Perhaps one of the highest moments in the genre.

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