Tom Hardy Birthday Special: Here’s The Workout Plan That Helps ‘Bane’ Maintain His Muscular Physique

Tom Hardy Birthday Special: Here’s The Workout Plan That Helps 'Bane' Maintain His Muscular Physique

Edward Thomas Hardy, better known as Tom Hardy turns 43 years old on September 15, 2020. Hardy is an English actor and producer who made his debut in Hollywood with Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down which released in the year 2001. Tom Hardy is known for his role in Bronson, Warrior, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy among many other flicks. The actor received lots of appreciation for his badass villain role in The Dark Knight Rises and Venom. Tom’s physique changes as per his role. However, the actor has only been seen jacked up in most of his movies. On the occasion of Tom Hardy’s 43rd birthday, we bring you the workout plan of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. That helps him maintain a muscular physique. Venom Let There Be Carnage: How Tom Hardy’s Sequel Sets up the Villain of the Third Film

Workout Plan of Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a perfectionist when it comes to developing his body for different movies. The actor was saw sporting a super athletic physique in Warrior where he played the role of MMA wrestler. After this movie, Tom has started to incorporate MMA style training in his exercise regime. While playing the role of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom had a bulky physique where his huge traps, delts and biceps were quite visible on the screen. You will be surprise to know that for bulking, Tom relied upon bodyweight moves that would mimic sporadic cell workouts to achieve his hulking physique. This would usually be a mix of press-ups, ab work and simple resistance training. Tom Hardy’s Bane Mask is a Hot Favourite With the Masses Amid the Ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

While speaking with AskMen, Tom revealed that for preparing for the role of Charlie Bronson and Bane. He used to perform lots of repetitions of bodyweight and resistance exercise which helped send messages to his muscles, which, in turn, helped in atrophy. Hardy performs cell workout in descending ‘ladder’ format that would hit a four-round circuit which ranges from 10 reps in the first round, to 7 to 5 and to 3. This includes square, rectangle, eagle and the kong push-ups to stack muscles on chest, arm and shoulder.

Tom Hardy’s Workout 

Tom Hardy’s workout is indeed an inspiration for millions of youth around the world who aspire to become muscular like the actor. We at Onhike wish Tom Hardy a very Happy Birthday.

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