Three Ways to Brand Yourself in Network Marketing Online

You have on the dotted line and are now a part of a huge multi-level marketing company. Then they give you all the tools and sales paraphernalia at those Saturday morning network marketing meetings. Guess what? Every other distributor in your company has those same exact tools as you do. What do you do next?

Branding yourself is very important whenever you get into any direct sales company. This holds true not only for marketing but also online marketing.

When you sign up with a network marketing company and plan to market yourself online, how do you go about creating a unique brand for yourself on the internet so that potential distributors or customers will trust you enough to do business with you?

The following is a of three ways to brand yourself on the internet so that you can earn that trust with a potential distributor or customer.

  • Blogging: Prospects and distributors really want to know what kind of person you are. They also want to know the kinds of products or services you are offering on the web. Blogging allows you to bridge the gap between you and your distributor/customer on various topics that affect and relate to your online MLM business.
  • Joining Special Interest Groups: You could become a member of special interest groups on Yahoo! Groups or part take in community forums where ideas are discussed by prospective distributors. When you to those groups, you want to obtain feedback from your readers and get to know customers’ behaviors as well as interests for your own MLM business. Be sure to take some time to answer questions that anybody has. By doing so, you put your voice out in text words and promote products or services to your future distributors or customers this way.
  • Podcasting: Creating podcasts is not a difficult process and allows you to obtain a stronger interaction between you and your prospects. What you could do in podcasting is host an interview with a downline distributor to explain the benefits of your MLM company’s compensation plan, products, or services. Listeners want to hear the words coming out of your mouth. Therefore, podcasting is a great tool to use to brand yourself in the online marketplace.

Once you have established your personal brand, it is up to you to maintain your brand throughout the life of your network marketing business. As you gain new skills and experience in online network marketing, your brand will also grow. As your brand grows, you must always make constant changes to keep up your brand.

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