Three Tips For Building Your Own Computer

Custom-built PCs offer many advantages over pre-built computers. Since you specifically handpick all of the components that make up your PC, you end up with system that performs exactly the way you want it. You also do not have to pay for junk software and unnecessary hardware. Moreover, you no longer have to rely on a particular manufacturer for spare parts and service. For the freedom to choose which components to use alone, many people would rather custom build their PCs.

For the inexperienced builder, setting up personal rig may seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips that will make the process easier and help you garner more satisfactory results.

First, make sure that the components you buy can work hand in hand. The CPU socket type must match the motherboard’s pin architecture. To use Intel’s latest line of Core i7 processors, you need motherboard with an LGA 1366 socket. If you want to use up to four video cards simultaneously, you need a motherboard that supports either Nvidia’s SLI technology or ATI’s CrossFire X technology. It is best to choose a motherboard first, and then add components based on what your motherboard supports.

Second, make sure that your components will fit inside your computer case. Try to avoid mini cases like small form factors. It is better to opt for regular-sized desktop case or a tower PC so that you have enough room for all the components you want, especially if your list is long. These roomy computer cases will also promote better airflow so you will have an easier time managing overheating issues, if any. They will also make future upgrades easier to install.

Also note that you do not have to buy all the latest hardware to get your custom-built PC in tip top condition. Most of the time, integrated sounds will do the trick instead of purchasing dedicated sound card. There is no point in hooking more than one video card if you are not into video editing or 3D applications. Consider what you will be using your PC for and only buy hardware that you can fully enjoy.

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