Thought Attracts That Upon Which It Is Directed

Reality is one. With that, I begin this message. If reality was not one, then there would be no thinking at all that would affect reality. No actions would unify things either, no matter how orderly or genuinely working. So, I say with full affected honesty, thought attracts that upon which it is directed, especially when concentrated and combined with potent actions.

I remember reading the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel and getting this idea in its purest format, although to some people that is deep reading that is a little too deep. His philosophy comes down to these three tenets: Reality is one. Reality is unified through our vibrations. Reality operates under one unified law under the guise of many laws. Some may argue this with me, but ultimately this is accurate. Existence operates on principles that vibrate in certain ways that logically unify under one way or as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Baruch Spinoza once said: It all begins with one thought and ends with the action based on that thought it cannot be otherwise. Thought and action are the great unifiers, inaction and not thinking are the great dividers. Existence is a preponderance of action and thought, not inaction and not thinking. The great and conscious “I am” is the power behind the throne of life, it may seem to be the most not orderly force there is, but really it is the most orderly principle and force there is. Symmetry and order does not always look like symmetry and order, on the other hand genuine disruption and disorder can seem orderly. Although nothing is as it appears, reality is one and unified. Think about these statements deeply, this article is not just for one reading and then “the end.” This article is made for the genuine contemplation of the nature of logic and reality.

So, again, reality is one. If it was not one, then reality would not be understandable at even the most shallow levels let alone the deep levels.

So, I end on a personal note: My Dad Joseph Clayton, Jr. once pointed out to me that reality is a sort of energy and consciousness statism that is unified through thought and action. Sure, he showed me one strange “piece of proof” through the baseball player Mickey Mantle, he told me all the baseball statistics and personal details of the life of Mickey Mantle in 1983, years before his first biography “The Mick” in 1986. Then in October 1990, he told me about the summer of 1956, about a year before his second biography “My Favorite Summer 1956” came out. Her told me about all of this in detail, I will not go into too many particulars, except that this is the proof I needed to know personally that reality is a unified consciousness.

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