This week’s HBO releases: Megalodon, Hollywood Kids and more


While in the premieres of the week on Netflix we find a large amount of content, on HBO we will only see 5 releases for the next few days. But nobody can say that they are not of different styles and with a quality that goes from arguable to the exceptional. In order to help you choose, we will review them one by one.

The life of the party is a film with a classic scheme and known to all. Because if something has come out to make American cinema is to take advantage of university comedy . Here we find a mother who decides to return to study and has the bad? lucky to get to the same class as her daughter . From there we already know what can happen only with the title of the film. 

The name of Jason Statham is linked to the action movies and this time the problem he faces goes beyond the usual. A 23-meter prehistoric shark . In Megalodon there is a rescue mission against the clock and the viewer can enjoy a classic movie of the monster subgenre. That has become fashionable since the release of Sharknado.

The documentary Los Niños de Hollywood tells the story of several actors and actresses who succeeded. When they were still children and what it meant to become a star , as well as the consequences that it brought for their life and subsequent career. In it you can see some bittersweet experiences that sometimes demolish any myth about the mecca of cinema.

W Domu (At Home Poland) is a classic product in modern times, the sum of 16 short films made by Polish directors during the quarantine lived in their country. A mixture as heterogeneous as uneven, but also a good opportunity to learn about the state of cinema in that country.

Finally, Dollface enjoys a series of reunions where the protagonist who is single again after a serious relationship. Decides to reconnect with her friends and try to adapt to her new life. This series has not had the best reviews so far. But it seems like a nice product for these summer dates.

If you want to enjoy any of these news. Here are the release dates and links to their sheets on HBO :

  • The life of the party – July 14
  • Megalodon – July 14
  • Hollywood Kids – July 15
  • W Domu – July 16
  • Dollface – July 17

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