This Samsung device disinfects your mobile and also serves as a wireless charger


The health crisis has changed some of our habits and has made it necessary to adopt new routines, such as the use of face masks or hydroalcoholic gels. Another of the hygienic measures that is spreading is that of disinfecting the mobile, since it comes into contact with different surfaces and can accumulate all kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs.

Since the start of the pandemic, Samsung has done its bit to help users keep their devices clean. In mid-March, the South Korean company launched the Samsung Galaxy Disinfection Service, a campaign to sterilize Galaxy mobiles for free at Samsung Service Centers.

So that users can disinfect their mobiles at home, now Samsung Thailand has launched a most practical UV sterilizer. And it is that, in addition to killing the bacteria, viruses and germs present on the surface of the terminal, it is also a wireless charger for your smartphone.


It is a rectangular device with dimensions of 22.8 x 12.8 x 4.9 cm in which any smartphone fits perfectly. It can also be used with other small electronic devices, such as headphones or smart watches, or other types of objects, for example sunglasses.

The device is equipped with a UV lamp that applies radiation to the objects put inside. Thanks to this, in just 10 minutes it kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses present on the surface of the devices.

In addition, since it has a magnetic cover that closes hermetically, everything keep inside is safe from contamination.

Apart from the sterilizing function, this device is also a wireless charger compatible with the Qi standard of up to 10 watts, so can also charge your mobile while disinfecting.

At the moment, the Samsung UV sterilizer is only for sale in Thailand at a price of 1,590 baht, about 45 euros at the current exchange rate. We do not know if the company plans to market it in other territories.

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