This mask is USB charged and ensures to filter 99.9% of pathogens in the air


The current global pandemic has made it necessary to use masks in public spaces, even in private ones, both to protect ourselves and to protect others. This has prompted many companies to design their own reusable face masks like UVMask

There are many types of masks, the easiest to find are disposable hygienic ones , although many people opt for cloth ones to be able to reuse them and reduce contamination. However, their effectiveness is reduced, that is why they are considering other types of masks like the one they have created with this Kickstarter project .

This crowfunding project has raised more than a million euros and its are to combat both the possible contagion of this new virus, as well as contamination or allergens that may harm people’s health. According to the information, its effectiveness is 99.9% when it comes to filtering the air

UV-C light is responsible for filtering and purifying the air that reaches our nose and mouth at a speed 10 times higher than the of respiration . Air passes through the sterile vortex which is pending patent approval and is purified by  two 25,000 μW / cm2 UV-C LEDs .

This filtration system is two-way, it protects both the person wearing the mask and those around us, something very useful right now to prevent asymptomatic people from infecting the rest of the population. The mask is recharged with a USB-C port to continue using it for 6 hours continuously

Although its size seems somewhat excessive, it is covered in silicone to mold to the surface of the face and not harm the skin. The project offers two masks for a price of $ 189 (164.88 euros in exchange), which apparently is a savings of 62% . The idea has been well received, since in 38 days it has exceeded the financing objective that had been proposed.

Ideas like this have been seen a lot in recent months, such as the transparent design that allows you to unlock your phone or read with your mask on. But if what we want is a mask that is already available in the market, we find options like this electronics with interchangeable filters and in different colors that are sold on AliExpress for a price of 146.56 dollars,  127.85 euros in exchange. 

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