This is what the new Windows 10 disk partition management tool looks like


Microsoft is working on a new disk management tool for Windows 10 that will be released in next version of the operating system, and that will allow us to better manage disks to change their size, format partitions or even change the letters of the drives. .

Currently there is storage space management tool in Windows 10 , but it is hidden and does not have very efficient functions. That is why Redmond’s are now working on a new, more modern disk partition management tool for the operating system, to be incorporated in a future update.

This is demonstrated by the Build 20175 version of Windows 10 , which is available to insider users, which already includes this new modern disk management tool as standard. The is available through Windows 10, System, Storage and Disk and Volume Management settings.

When accessing it, we are shown list of the disks and volumes that we have available and also the partitions. When selecting some of the volumes we will see the options of “explore” and “properties”. In “explore” we simply open the partition in the file explorer, while the “properties” will allow us to manage the selected volume.

There we can change the drive letter that is made by selecting the volume, open “properties” and simply clicking on “change drive letter”. The page will also show us graphic representation of the volume and available storage space. In it we can also select the option “change size”, in case we want to reduce the volume when we do not have enough free space.

This disk management tool for Windows 10 includes other more advanced features such as formatting partitions, deleting them, and other functions only recommended by experienced users. 

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