This is the spectacular physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator


Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to launch in August and, although in the current times a game of such magnitude (by size and possibilities), which also develops part of its features in the cloud, the most sensible option would be to opt for digital download , the game will have a physical edition.

This time it does not come directly from Microsft, since it will be Aerosoft , a company specialized in aerial simulation software, which will market the physical edition thanks to an agreement with those of Redmond, publishers of the game. The physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator consists of no more and no less than 10 DVDs that include all the content of the game, about 90GB in total, along with a handful of additional third-party content.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The physical edition, depending on the type of purchase chosen, that is, depending on whether it is standard or premium, etc., will have more or less content in terms of available aircraft or airport models . However, once the game is released, the physical edition will not exempt its users from having to resort to updates in the cloud, since all updates and content improvements will come from Microsoft.

In addition, although the user chooses to buy the physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the company clarifies that the maximum experience is given when using the online version of the game , since some of its functions take advantage of the power in the cloud and They offer a better gaming experience, although it can always be installed offline, at least to the main core of the game.

This is what the physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator contains

  • The code of the simulator itself (the “sim”) which is quite small in size.
  • The world, airports and planes available (that content depends on the version) that occupies around 90 GB.
  • Content available online, which is optional
  • Third-party files (fully optional)

Aerosoft further confirms that when Microsoft Flight Simulator is installed from the physical version, the simulator will update all files immediately from the and will get the latest code for the game and all content will be updated. This is very much a cloud dependent simulator if you want to use it to its full potential. Therefore, the boxed version makes it possible for people with a slower Internet connection to install the sim without downloading the “content”.

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