This is, according to the OCU, the supermarket that has taken anti-Covid measures most seriously

This is, according to the OCU, the supermarket that has taken anti-Covid measures most seriously

These have been especially difficult months for all types of businesses. The temporary closure of many has also had to add an investment in different aspects to carry out tasks that help prevent infections and comply with the unusual regulations required due to the coronavirus.

Supermarkets suffered strong limitations during all these months. Although they have not been forced to close, they have had to take important measures , a very complicated task at a time when they became the only reason to leave a large number of citizens.

The OCU has carried out an analysis of 1,000 establishments to find out which ones have taken the most measures, whether current legislation is complied with and other factors that should have been implemented. The supermarkets studied have been from all the cities and large towns in the country and, as will be seen, from all the known chains.

At the time of the study , these eight factors were taken into account : indication of the maximum capacity, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance, glove dispensers at the entrance, indications of minimum distance between clients, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers inside the establishment , indications of minimum distance between clients in the queues, partitions between client and staff and masks for staff serving the public.

As for some of the measures that are most requested, it is striking that not all supermarkets offer hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance , 93% do so. Meanwhile, only 66% continue to offer gloves on access. But what has stood out the most for the OCU is that in “40% of the supermarkets we did not see any measure of capacity control (personnel in charge of limiting the entrance to the store in the event of crowds or, at least, a sign indicating the maximum capacity) “.

The best results on average have been by Bonpreu and Hipercor . The first despite having 0% in terms of the availability of hydroalcoholic gel inside.

This has been the table they have obtained, which as seen, is in alphabetical order and not by results. It highlights that none of the supermarkets achieve 100% in all aspects , but also that some, such as Alcampo, Maxi Dia, Mercadona or Supercor, fail to comply with any measure in all establishments .

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