There’s a Windows 10 update that compromises your Gmail emails


A bug with the latest Windows 10 update and with the mail client of the operating system, and which affects Gmail accounts, is causing the disappearance of many sent messages and even makes it impossible to download attachments.

If you are disappearing emails sent from Gmail in Windows 10, you are not alone, because it is a failure derived from the latest update of the operating system or the application of the email client.

Several Windows 10 users have turned to Microsoft forums to report that many of their Gmail email messages are disappearing after being sent, in a problem that appears to stem from the May 2020 update of Windows 10 that has been released. started deploying to more computers, or a patch for the Windows 10 mail client that was released on May 28.

The failure is not being reproduced the same in all users, since there are some who claim that all sent Gmail messages are not stored in other folders, and that they are deleted by the email client without being able to retrieve them or access Gmail through of the . Other users claim that these emails sent from Gmail are not deleted, but that they end up appearing in other folders such as spam or even the trash, in a fact that seems random.

In addition to the loss of Gmail emails in the Windows 10 email client, another popular problem is that attachments cannot be downloaded. In this way, those Gmail emails seen through the Windows 10 email client with attachments cannot be downloaded and the only would be to Gmail in the browser to be able to access them.

A Microsoft forum user has pointed out that “the Windows 10 mail application is broken and that a solution is expected from Microsoft.” The user recommends accessing the Gmail account through the browser.

At the moment Microsoft has not officially the failure, which appears to be related to the Windows 10 email client and specifically to the integration with Gmail. In this way, if you are one of the affected users, and you have Gmail integrated within the Windows 10 mail client, it is recommended that you open gmail from the browser so as not to risk losing certain sent emails.

[Via: Windowslatest]

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