The world celebrates Mary Kom’s birthday on the wrong date, the world champion herself told the truth

In India, Mary Kom is seen as the woman who succeeded in breaking all standards in the world of sports. Coming from a peasant family, Mary Kom made her mark everywhere from the Asian Games to the Olympics. After becoming a mother of three, when people felt her career was over, Mary Kom wrote a new chapter of her success.

MC Mary Kom had revealed that his date of birth was not 24 November but 24 November. As a child, his uncle mistakenly wrote the date of birth at school on March 1 because he did not know the exact details. However, Mary Kom later decided not to change it and this is officially her date of birth. Mary Kom officially turned 38 today (1 March).

Born on March 1, 1983 in Kangeti, Manipur, Mary Kom’s full name is Mange Changanijang Mary Kom. Born in a farmer’s home, Mary made India famous worldwide and set world records in boxing. Mary holds the world record of winning the world championship 6 times.

No female boxers have done so yet. Mary Kom has won gold medals at the 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2018 championships. The road was named after Mary Kom in Imphal’s Lamphel in 2018. The road runs from Mary Kom’s house in Imphal to Khelgaon. The announcement was made by the Government of Manipur after Mary made the record for the sixth time.

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