The Teckin pack of 2 smart plugs with energy monitor are discounted to € 19.99

The Teckin pack of 2 smart plugs with energy monitor are discounted to € 19.99

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Teckin smart plugs are once again on offer, one of the products that cannot be missing in any connected house and that also allows you to have tight control of your electricity consumption thanks to its energy monitoring.

Now you can get the pack of 2 Teckin WiFi plugs for only € 19.99 instead of the € 29.99 it usually costs. Being so cheap they do not have free shipping, but they do if you are Amazon Prime users.

These plugs are perfect for being able to remotely control any electronic device that needs to be plugged in, such as small appliances or products such as lamps, humidifiers, heaters … If it wasn’t connected, now it can be.

Teckin’s plugs can be controlled remotely with your app , but it also has integration with assistants like or the Google assistant . With a single voice command you can turn on or off any product or set a schedule.

The energy control will let you know how much your electronic devices spend . A perfect way to know exactly how much energy that appliance you use every day uses or if it doesn’t consume anything when it’s turned off.

These Teckin plugs are perfect for knowing the consumption of your devices and controlling them remotely. Its perfect combination is to add a speaker like the Echo Dot which is now reduced to € 34.99 .

Take advantage of the 10 euros discount with these Teckin WiFi plugs and take them for only € 19.99 .

You can get it from Amazon with free and fast shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. You can try it for free for 30 days without commitment since it has no permanence.

University students have the advantages of Prime Student. Includes the same features as normal Prime but with a 3-month free trial and an annual subscription of only € 18.

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