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The new Windows start menu is here




Microsoft has advanced images and some details about the next start menu that will have and everything points to a more modern design.

The Windows start menu is one of the hallmarks of the operating system. Over time it has been modernized and an important transition has been lived from those in a single column to the menu that currently offers different columns and icons in various sizes. And now it is going to return to update to another design more according to the times.

After the failed experiment of removing it in Windows 8, its existence is irrefutable in Windows 10 and in the coming months it will undergo a renewal. There’s no release date yet, and according to The Softpedia News, it won’t arrive with the upcoming big fall OS update. But we are going to see everything that is known at the moment.

The first change is that the Start menu will no longer be opaque. It will show transparencies of the wallpaper, from which it will take the to avoid contrasts with the desktop and, once seen and compared with the current one, the truth is that it is less rough.

According to information from Microsoft, it has “a more streamlined design that eliminates solid color backplates (…) in the application list and applies a uniform and partially transparent background to the tiles. This design creates a beautiful setting for your applications, especially the fluid design icons for Office and Microsoft Edge. “

Another announced change is the apparent removal of moving tiles. After its implementation in Windows 10, they could have backed down before the little interest aroused.

Lastly, will also have two modes to choose from: light and dark. And it is possible that other colors may be chosen if the transparency does not convince the user, but all this remains to be confirmed until Microsoft offers more information.

As you can see, the changes have a purely aesthetic character, no changes are seen in the functionalities or in the order of the buttons. After all, if something works well the best thing to do is to make it more beautiful.

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