The new MacBook Air with Intel Core i5, reduced by 100 euros in Amazon Spain and with delivery in 48 hours

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The offers to buy the MacBook Air below the price set by Apple are not very abundant, and it is that the products of this brand retain the value quite well over time, although they always end up falling, even if modestly.

In this case, the that is on sale is the one that has an Intel Core i5 with a processor, superior to the one that comes with an i3. Its price in the official Apple store is € 1,499, but now you can buy it at Amazon Spain for € 1,399.

It is a € 100 that includes free shipping whether you have Amazon Prime or not, although if you have it you will receive your order at home in less than 24 working hours, a luxury.

If you are not, we encourage you to register in the free trial month, which improves even more if you are also a student.

During the purchase process you can also purchase Apple Care, the accident and breakdown insurance offered directly by Apple.

As we have already mentioned above, along with the improvement of the processor, comes one of the most important in recent years: that of the keyboard, and that is that Apple has finally left the controversial butterfly keyboard to move to another scissor, much more reliable and long-term resistant.

Aesthetically and in its exterior appearance, it is absolutely identical to the 2018 model that has given the brand so many joys, since it is undoubtedly one of its products for many years.

For performance, the fluidity of the operating system is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about it. In addition, you can recover a good part of the investment in the future if you decide to sell it to buy a new one, a point in favor always when it comes to buying Apple products, whether they are mobiles, tablets or laptops.

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